In this step, we’re gonna fill the area with body filler First we’re gonna use this fiberglass infused body filler, which is going to give the panel strength, then we’re gonna use this gold body filler which is going to give us the smoothness so we could spray the panel.
Let me show you how to mix the body filler . You want to mix your filler and hardener on a non absorbent surface. That way your hardener doesn’t get trapped onto the surface you’re mixing on and not get mixed into the filler. so what I Like to do is grab some parchment paper.
And you could tape it down so you have a flat non absorbent surface to mix on. You do have to mix a specific ratio of body filler to hardener and luckily it doesn’t have to be a perfect ratio. You just have to get it close so I have a little trick that works every time. So what you want to do is pour out your body fillers so that it forms a circle and that circle should be a half An inch high. It doesn’t matter if your circle is tiny or if it’s large as long as it’s a half an inch high, this trick will work and this is perfect.
Now the correct amount Of hardener is simply running a bead of hardener along the diameter of the circle It’s really that easy and that’ll get you the correct ratio every time. Now let me show you some tips on mixing. You don’t want to mix this like a cake. You don’t want to do it in a stirring motion because that’s going to add air to your filler, so instead notice how I gather all the filler and spread it out in a pressing motion to both mix the hardener in the filler and to force any air out then I just repeat the process I gather it up and spread it out gather it up and spread it out.
And if you’ve never mixed filler before and you’re kind of unsure, try mixing a batch just for practice and see how it all works Now mixing only takes about 45 seconds and you don’t want to mix too long because you only have about five minutes until this hardens. But do be sure that you mix the filler, so that’s one consistent color When it’s completely mixed, you can’t see any hardener. Now when you’re done mixing, you don’t want to leave a big clump or a pile like that.
A little trick is to spread this out thin since this is undergoing an exothermic reaction, it’s releasing heat, so spreading it out thin allows the heat to release a lot easier and that keeps this cooler which gives you more work time
so you have more time to apply this to the damage before it dries. It also allows the little trapped air bubbles to escape easier compared to being in a pile so spreading it out is a simple trick that gives you way better results. Now let’s apply this to the damage. At the damaged area, get a little filler on the spreader and press this filler hard into the damaged. The idea is to press it against the metal so there’s good contact and so you force any air out After the first layer you would apply more filler in thin layers and build up the filler. So it fills the damage and builds up to the height of the surrounding panel this fillers for strength. So it doesn’t have to look perfect.
The next filler we’re going to use is what makes it smooth, and as you can see we really didn’t use that much filler, just enough to get a good coating and fill all the holes, and if you’re wondering how to clean your spreader, It’s actually better not to keep the body filler on it and let it dry. This is actually the easiest way to clean it And I’ll show you why in a few minutes. 15 to 20 minutes later our filler is going to be completely dry. Source: ChrisFix

=> Next we’re gonna sand that filler smooth with the body of your car

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