What we’re gonna do in this step is to sand that filler smooth with the body of your car. Now you want to grab your grit sandpaper on a sanding block and we’re gonna start sanding this. There’s gonna be a lot of dust so what I like to do Is I like to turn on a fan and what that’s gonna do is it’s gonna blow all the dust out of your face
Even though you’re wearing a dust mask, It’s still a good idea to keep the dust out of your face. So now let’s send this body filler flat with the body One thing that keep an eye out for is any body lines that you might have, we want to try to keep that body line so it looks factory. That means I’m going to spend a lot of time standing on above and below the line. The whole goal here is to sand down the body filler and try to shape it so it makes it even with the surrounding body panel.
Don’t worry about making it look perfect because we have another layer of that gold finishing filler. That’s where we’re gonna make it look real smooth, but for right now do the best you can to blend it into the body panel. Next we’re gonna be using our gold filler, but before we do that. I want to show you real quick why told you to keep this dirty. All you have to do to clean this up is bend it and snap that filler off and It should come off nice and clean from the spreader .
Now let’s go and mix our gold filler. Just as before pour it out into a circle half an inch high and run a bead of hardener along the diameter of the circle.
Now use the same technique as before to mix it so we don’t introduce air bubbles. Let’s go apply this for a smooth finish. Just like before we want to apply a thin first coat forcing it into the repair after that you could build it up in thin layers.
So it’s thicker than the body panel around it which will allow us to sand it down even with the panel and once we’re done we’re gonna let it dry and 20 minutes later our final layer of body filler is hard so we’re done with the body filler step
Now let’s move on to the sanding step, and we want to get this nice and smooth, so it looks like one whole panel. We’re gonna start sanding with 80 grit sandpaper you want to hold the sanding block wet against the body panel so it doesn’t create any waves or dips in the filler. And you want to shape the body panel so it looks factory. In this case i’m sanding the wheel well edge so that it matches up with the bumper. Now we have a nice and straight line and an even panel gap all the way across and that’s looking so good.
Now let’s go from 80 grit to 180 grit and this sandpaper is gonna give the filler a smoother finish and blend it into the body panel better. After the hundred eighty grit this feels awesome. I can’t feel any transition at all. When you run your finger across the bodywork with your eyes closed, It feels like one complete panel. if you do happen to feel a bump or a ridge make sure you sand that out. Any ridges and bumps that you can feel will show through the paint. At this point you can move up to like a 320 grit and then 400 grit but what I like to do is I like to use a glazing and spot putty which fills in all the little pinholes and Imperfections that you can’t really see with the naked eye, but you’ll definitely be able to see if it gets painted.
It’s really easy to use you just put some on a spreader and you want to just put a skim coat nice and thin forcing it deep into the filler. Now this isn’t gonna fill any large holes only pinholes.
Now we just need to let this dry before we sand it with our 320 grit . After 15 minutes, this is ready to go and we can start sanding with our 320 grit. Once it’s ended down wiped down the work area so it’s clean.
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=> The next step is painting.

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This dude has the balls we all need in the garage
My father and I used to own an autobody repair shop in the rust belt of Canada (Nova Scotia). Rust repairs were a large part of our business. We would typically cut out the rusted areas and weld in new metal sections. The repair that you have done is fine from a DIY perspective because most people do not have the equipment or the expertise to do any sort of welding. The fiberglass based filler is waterproof and salt resistent so it provides a good foundation for the bondo. This will not last as long as a professional repair but it should last for a reasonable amount of time. Thnak you.

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