A car battery is the most important part of a car. You cannot go anywhere with a malfunction battery. I’m pretty sure that most of us have experienced the inconvenient events when your car get “broken” unexpectedly.

Before that we don’t even know those problems are coming with typical signs.

Today i would like to share my experience on how to identity top 7 signs which leads to unexpected broken car.

Before going into these 7 signs, i want you to check one simple thing first. That would be the connections between the battery and cables.

Now let’s explore top 7 signs of a dead battery.

1) Slow Cranking

The obvious sign of slow cranking is when you turn the key, it takes longer than usual to start the engine.

While it could be due to a failure starter but 90% of the time , the battery is the real issue.

If this issue is repeated many times, your battery most likely goes bad and you need to replace it as soon as possible.

Or you could recover it by using this simple battery reconditioning program.

2) Check Engine Light is On

Many car owners don’t pay much attention on the check engine light but it is a good indicator of something off with your car.

The way it works is that if the check engine light is on, the battery power must be weak. Therefore when you see this light is on, make sure that you have to check the the battery power level.

Nowadays there are battery lights being installed on brand new cars. They are a direct sign of the condition of your battery. When it lights up, your battery must have an issue.

3) Age

Five years are the average life span of a car battery ( you can expand it with this simple reconditioning program).

You should look for a battery replacement when the battery reaches to 5 years or recover it.

4) Issues From Other Electrical Components On Your Car

Needless to say, if you find lights, windows, power locks or windshield wipers struggle to operate especially when that happens at the same time, that is a sure sign of a weak battery.

5) Malformed Battery Case

When you do a maintenance job, if you see your battery case getting swollen, malformed or bloated under the hood, it is a good indicator of a temperature damage.

For this issue, you have to check other parts next to the battery. They could be the real issue not your battery itself.

6) Smell Of Rotten Eggs

Most of car owners don’t know that the acid in the battery is sulfuric acid. The smell of it is like rotten eggs.

When you smell something like rotten eggs, it is a sure sign that acid is leaked out. You have to clean it immediately before the engine gets rusty due to the acid.

7) Take Multiple Jump Starts

If your car has to be jumped started more than 3 times per week, there is nothing much you can do but replace your dying battery.

Many people learn a hard way by not taking this issue seriously. What they do is ignore the issue and jump start excessively. This leads to damaging other parts of your car.

There is a good new for you. If you see this issue on your car, you don’t have to buy a new battery. Your dying battery could be given a new life by applying this simple fix.

I hope you learn something useful with this article. But the most important part is take care of your battery well before it goes bad.

Performing regular maintenance is important for extending the life of any car battery.

And if you don’t know how to extend the life of your battery, you can learn it from this presentation NOW.

7 Signs Your Car Battery Is Dying.