My name is Lex Nguyen. I have been always interested in sport cars. I’m a mechanical engineers who passionate about automobile. When i was students, i had to save every possible penny for fixing my motorbike. As you probably know i can’t afford to pay for car repair service.

I learn everything and fix everything by myself. Being a mechanical guy didn’t give me many advantages to get the job done but the motivation of saving money gave me a powerful force to solve every problem with my old motorbike.

Over 4 years of struggling, i finally knew how everything works and i felt confident to give away my knowledge and skills to help you saving a ton of money.

The fastest and easiest way to handle cars and motorbikes related issues is to replace broken parts. The problem is that most of us don’t know exactly where the problem comes from.

Thus, we have a blog that teaches you tips and tricks to identify those common problems.

In my store, i recommend all tools and kits for you to fix your car at home at ease.

To your success,

Lex Nguyen