now let’s get the chain ring washed off and I like this cone mode so just find a mode that works best shower some kind of cone mode Again just make sure you don’t force water into your bottom bracket, make sure you do both sides
and that is a clean drivetrain
First start with this brush and we’re going to just dip it in our bucket and get the tires and the pedals
so I just go around both sides both the front and the rear tire and when I do this I try to get the tire and also the rim with the same brush dipping in your soapy water
do the pedals both sides to clean your derailers you’re going to spray them with your biodegradable degreaser and then use this same brush and then just kind of go around gently and clean the body of the rear derailleur and if you have a front derailleur do the same thing
Now it’s time to get the frame clean so with the same bucket with your sponge just take it and go around the entire bike, you can do your saddle You just go around the frame and get all the areas that you can with the sponge I also want to get your cranks
Now we’re going to take our toilet bowl brush, the brand new one that you bought and just get the hard-to-reach places of the frame so just kind of go around those areas that you couldn’t get with the sponge and just get those areas with your brand new toilet bowl brush and also with the toilet bowl brush, you can get your hubs
so you just kind of want to spin the root wheel around a little bit and get inside both the front and rear hubs like that with the shower mode of your hose
we’re gonna hose the whole thing off, starting from the top and just working our way down, get the wheels spin them just get all that soap off and you’ll have some more dirt probably fall off as you do this and I just want to mention one more time to not force water and your headset your bottom bracket or your hubs just let the water trickle down gently over those areas now it’s time to get it dry and we’re going to take our towel and just wipe everything down really good and if you want to have a separate towel for your chain, I’m going to use the air compressor.
if you don’t have an air compressor, you may want to get a separate towel because you still can get some grease on your clean towel Now we’re going to use our air compressor and blast water out of areas that are hard to reach with the towel for instance the chain and some of our hex bolts like around the stem and the handlebars also get your cogs and get the rear derailleur pedals under the saddle and get inside your hex bolts like around your water bottle cages
and your stem and just get this water out that kind of accumulates as you wash the bike and then you can get your hubs your amps and then just go around the whole bike and just air it off
get any remaining water off it’s time to lube up the bicycle and we’re going to start with the chain
use your bicycle specific chain lube like this rock and roll gold lube, spend the pedal backwards and then just let it drip on the chain.
I like to get both sides of the chain, make sure you get depends on both sides Some people get real meticulous about this and drip a drop of Lube on every single link of your chain if you want to do that you can. I’m usually too big of a hurry to do that so I just spin it backward
We’re gonna lube our derailers with a spray Lube I like GT 85 and just kind of get right around the pivots of your retailers.
You can go from the this side and you can go around from the other side. I put spray Lube on my pedals. I take the straw off and then spend the pedals and spray them down.
The final step is with our rubbing alcohol and a paper towel just pour some on the paper towel and we’re gonna get a final few spots
The first thing that we want to do is get our braking surfaces so if you have disc brakes do this on your disc brakes if you have rim brakes do this on your rims so again with the rubbing alcohol and the paper towel just spend the wheel with your hand on the wheel, do not spend this freely with disc brakes otherwise you will eventually lose a finger I can promise you that
so very carefully just with your hand on the wheel spend the wheel backward and get the rotors clean with your paper towel and your rubbing alcohol
If you are cleaning a mountain bike, you’ll also want to put some rubbing alcohol on the clean paper towel and clean off the stanchion tubes of your fork and the shaft of your rear shock if you have full suspension now if you do your air sleeve maintenance on your shock and change the oil on your fork or send it off to have it serviced at your proper intervals you do not need to put any kind of boob on the stage and tubes in fact that can actually attract dirt so just by cleaning these off regularly and this is actually something you should do more than the 20 to 25 hours I recommend for cleaning your bike. This is something you probably should do after every ride especially if you see dirt on your stanchion tubes if you want to get extra meticulous you can just take that same paper towel and rubbing alcohol and just fine maybe little areas of the frame that you might have missed when you were doing the cleaning procedure The final step that I like to do for cleaning is to take that same paper towel with rubbing alcohol and just really make sure everything is off those jockey wheels of your derailleur
and I’m going to do the same thing on the front chainring
Now we’re done with the cleaning and if you have it in a work stand you can just shift through the gears work the lube into the derailers. if you don’t have a work stand just ride your bike around for a couple minutes and just shift through the gears that will also help work the lube into the chain When I’m totally done I like to just kind of bounce my bike to get any remaining water that may be just kind of hanging out. I just got to bounce it on the ground like that hold the rear brake bouncing around or if you just want to kind of just do this
and again that just shakes loose any kind of water that may be remaining so that’s how you can fairly quickly clean and detail your bike after you get used to doing this it should take you about 25 to 30 minutes from start to finish.
How to Clean and Detail a Bicycle – Part 2