Li-po Li-ion Lithium Battery Capacity Indicator

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1.Battery type electricity quantity display
2.Wide application fields:lithium battery
3.Using Method:connect display board positive and negative port with tested battery positive
and negative port,digital tube will display real-time battery electricity quantity
4.Digital Color:outline red,display block blue (when battery electricity quantity is full,
it will be all on)

Display Electricity Quantity Parameter:
1.When battery voltage is over N*3.3V,it will illuminate 1 block electricity quantity
(note:N represents battery quantity)
2.When battery voltage is over N*3.5V,it will illuminate 2 blocks electricity quantity
3.When battery voltage is over N*3.7V,it will illuminate 3 blocks electricity quantity
4.When battery voltage is over N*3.9V,it will illuminate 4 blocks electricity quantity
5.When battery voltage is less than N*3.3V,4 blocks display will be off;it represents battery
is less than 3.3V,and you can charge the battery






Li-po Li-ion Lithium Battery Capacity Indicator